McDonald’s McWrap

I heard that there was a coupon for today only 50% off McWraps at McDonalds so naturally I changed my dinner plans to conduct research. For science, of course.

The general gist seems to be that they are burritos like the “tacos” at Taco Luis. They can come in grilled or crispy but at McDonald’s ALWAYS CHOOSE GRILLED CHICKEN. It sounds totally backwards but trust me the grilled is the better tasting (and healthier) choice.

After choosing the Fiesta McWrap, I found the package was really neato. It’s a cardboard tube with a strip you can tear to remove the top 2/3′s of the cardboard so that you have a little handle to eat the wrap. Smart!

The Fiesta McWrap was better than I expected! It’s basically my old favourite salad from McDonald’s – the Southwest Salad in a wrap. It’s got chicken, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, some crunchy bits and corn I think with a slightly spicy mayo sauce. Yum.

Given how much of a success the first McWrap was and the fact that it was a one day promotion… of course I had to try the other flavours… For Science. So I went back and dragged my Mom with me to buy the remaining two flavours. Same great packaging, same good quality chicken… but I was not as big of a fan of the flavour on these two. My Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy both flavours though.

Bacon & Chicken: Pretty simple mayo sauce, lettuce and tomato. Chicken + bacon. It’s alright, but the bacon didn’t do much for me here.

Spicy Chili: not spicy at all and pretty much exactly like the salad/McMini flavour. It’s got cucumbers and more sauce than the other two and is quite sweet. If you like sweet flavours this one is for you.

Overall I would say these are a steal at $2.50 but at $5 ($7.70 for a meal) regular price I probably would not go for it.

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